The charity was formed in 1997, to bring together two other charities under a new constitution.  One was “The Clapham Sick Poor Fund” which had been formed in 1849, to provide a dispensary, or what is now known as a chemist.  A building was erected for this purpose which still stands at 42 Clapham Manor Street.  The other was “The Clapham Pension Society”, formed at much the same time, to provide pensions for tradesmen in Clapham.  Also in 1997, eleven small charities administered by the Rector and Church Wardens of Holy Trinity Church, Clapham were transferred to this charity.  The funds of all these former charities have been invested on the Stock Exchange, and the income is paid out each year.

Currently the trustees meet four times a year, in March, June, September and December, to make decisions on grants.  Decisions can be made between meetings, in cases of urgency. The charity distributes about £20,000 per annum.