Guidance Notes

Grants are normally in the order of £100 to £300 for individuals.

When filling in your application please bear in mind the following:

A. Before completing the form, please make sure that you live within the Area of Benefit. The Trustees will be prepared to consider applications by or on behalf of applicants living in the near vicinity of the Area of Benefit.

B. Assistance will normally only be granted where insufficient funds are available from public sources (e.g. local authority or DWP).

C. Grants will not be made to repay debts already incurred by the applicant.

D. Applications will be considered at meetings of the Trustees, whose decision is final. Meetings are held four times a year – usually in early March, June, September and December. Completed application forms should be submitted two weeks before meetings. i.e by mid-February, mid-May, mid-August and mid-November.   However, in exceptional circumstances applications may be considered at other times by the Chairman and Treasurer. Such applications should state clearly the reason for the urgency.

E. All questions on the form must be answered. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and used solely for the purpose of assessing need.

F. All applications must be verified and countersigned by a sponsor before submission.

G. The completed form should be posted to: Clapham Relief Fund, PO Box 37978, SW4 8WX or emailed to

H. NOTE: We are currently trialling a partnership with the charity Emmaus, which stocks a wide range of household furniture, white goods and other essentials at its “superstore” in West Norwood.  This option is likely to be suitable for those in unfurnished or sparsely equipped properties who are in need of a number of items.  If you/your client falls into this category, please email us for further details.

For further information and/or guidance please go to or email